Different Roofs, Different Repairs

With different types of roofs come different kinds of repairs. Asphalt shingles roofs require more attention than metal roofs for repairs. Whether it’s due to weather damage or regular wear and tear, you should know when your roof needs a repair, no matter the kind. 

Typically, there are two reasons why your roof may need a repair; there was some type of storm that went through and caused damage, or your roof is older and just needs a little extra TLC. Although repairs tend to be straightforward for a roofing company, it is important for a homeowner to understand their roof and what a possible repair looks like. 

For roofs with asphalt shingles, potential repairs can look like loose shingles, interior leaks in the ceiling or attic space, and mossy growth on the shingles. Since tiled roofs can last for so long, repairs look a little different. You have the common cracked or broken tile, leakage, and plant growth, but it could also be a musty smell in your home, rooms starting to have varying temperatures, or water drainage washing out flower beds or foundations. Some of these can become very severe very fast, so it is important to watch for the signs. Metal roofs again have some of the same signs like leakage and temperature changes. Their other signs include discoloration, wrinkling, and temperature changes. 

With different roofs come different repairs. Recognizing the typical signs for your roof type is essential. You don’t want what could have been a simple repair to become an entire replacement or severe damage to your entire home. If you see that your roof needs repairing, contact Sterling Construction today.