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At Sterling Construction and Roofing, we understand that details matter when it comes to your home. Soffit and trim are often overlooked but crucial parts of your home’s curb appeal and defense against moisture. Soffits provide essential ventilation for attic spaces, preventing moisture and mold damage. It also shields rafters from the elements, ensuring the integrity of your roof and preventing rot. It can add to the beauty and custom look of your home with custom styles and colors.

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Exterior Trim & Soffit

Exterior trim is the finishing touch for your home’s façade. It is vital for protecting you from unwanted water, and guarding against insects and decay. Trim styles vary from classic to modern in various profiles and textures, allowing you to customize the look of your home. A well-chosen trim can create eye-catching contrast with your siding, highlight architectural features, and add depth to the design of your home. 

These external features work together with your roof and gutter system to defend your home from water infiltration.

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Why Us ?


As repeated top service award winners on Angie’s List, Best of the Best, and winner of the Best Roofers in Detroit award, we take service seriously.


A happy final inspection with the client is our ultimate goal. To ensure a satisfactory final walk-through, we have developed a three phase inspection process for every job.

Phase one – The construction crew cleans up as they complete work, visually inspecting for loose materials, and removing shingles/old materials into a dumpster or coordinating with a removal service.

Phase two – The project manager inspects their own work to ensure a clean and safe worksite.

Phase three – The exterior consultant who first met with the client and sold the project will do a walk-around of the final project to review for customer satisfaction.


Wanna save $2 million dollars? Don’t we all, right? A recent HOA client of ours showed us the estimate from another roofing company that came in $2 million dollars higher than our estimate. We offer FREE estimates and fair prices.

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