Vinyl Siding

We start by meeting with the homeowner to explore all the available project options in style, color, and accessories to make their home project beautiful. We will also discuss the process of installing our high-quality vinyl siding and accessories.

What We Offer


First, we prepare the home by removing existing siding and underpayments. Then we inspect the under structures such as sheathing to check for rotten wood (if wood needs replacing, there will be an additional cost). Next we install Rigid Foam (Extruded Polystyrene Fanfold Underlayment Foam Insulation 1/4″) to make the walls even which will ensure the new siding will lay flat giving the home a smooth surface and to provide some R-Value insulation for the home. The next layer we install is a highly rated moisture barrier (Tyvek © and other available brands), to prevent moisture from entering the insulation and sheathing. In addition, we tape off any seams with a specially made taping material for the vapor barrier to form a nice seal. We don’t want any mold or rotted sheathing in the future. 

custom cladding

If the project calls for it, we install custom cladding around window and door openings that can either match the vinyl siding color or have an offset color to bring out the detail and character of the home. We use high performance aluminum cladding that is custom formed at the job site. This will be the same process for any other areas of wood that the homeowner wished to make “maintenance free. After that, we install what the industry refers to as “channels.” The channels are made of the same vinyl material and color that fit around openings such as windows and doors and any trim of the home. The purpose is to fit and lock in the vinyl siding sections. We invest in the right details for your home. We then install Vinyl Accessory Blocks for any outdoor water spigots, electrical boxes, electrical lighting, any vents, etc. that will also match the color scheme chosen for the home.

starter strip

Next comes the installation of a heavy-duty starter strip. Our crew will follow the walls (sheathing) of the house and use a caulk line to ensure the starter strip is perfectly flat, and all sections above are even. The starter strip is typically in place at the very bottom where the vinyl siding will start, and we work our way upward. The starter strip is where the first row of vinyl siding will connect and ensure a straight, level installation when done correctly. We begin installation of vinyl sections starting from the bottom of the wall and working our way up.

overhangs & soffits

Does the home have overhangs/soffits? We can install a premium vinyl soffit with colors to match to truly make the home maintenance free. We install vinyl soffit systems with hidden vents where needed, and we will also make sure to cut in any additional venting into the sheathing to help your roof breathe as it should. Finishing up the siding, we caulk and seal all areas that are needed, such as windows and door trim where we installed cladding.

gutters & downspouts

Oh, and let’s not forget gutters and downspouts! We install heavy-duty custom extruded 5 or 6 inch aluminum gutters and downspouts wherever needed. We only use the best hidden fasteners to ensure the gutters stay in place and are sure to perform year after year. There are many colors to choose from to match your siding, trim, or soffits. We also offer the option to install Leaf Protection, so homeowners no longer need to fret every season.

inspection process

Lastly, final inspection of the new vinyl siding installation to make sure nothing was missed and that all of the steps were properly followed. 

We want the siding and trim to last as long as we promised.

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Sterling Construction and Roofing in the Liviona and the West Bloomfield Township area will realize your vision for a more beautiful home with new siding. We have a 4.9 star review average from hundreds of local customers. We can design and install new vinyl siding at the commercial and residential levels.

James Hardie


New siding by James Hardie will return elegance to the outside of your home and increase value. The James Hardie siding systems we use incorporate durable fiber cement board and offer all the matching exterior elements. Our new James Hardie customers regularly see an 78% return on their investment. Residing with fiber-cement yields a higher ROI than vinyl siding. Residing is consistently rated the #1 Home Remodel best value project in Remodel Magazine’s yearly ‘Cost Versus Value’ report. 

See the JAMES HARDIE difference:

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Why Us ?


As repeated top service award winners on Angie’s List, Best of the Best, and winner of the Best Roofers in Detroit award, we take service seriously.


A happy final inspection with the client is our ultimate goal. To ensure a satisfactory final walk-through, we have developed a three phase inspection process for every job.

Phase one – The construction crew cleans up as they complete work, visually inspecting for loose materials, and removing shingles/old materials into a dumpster or coordinating with a removal service.

Phase two – The project manager inspects their own work to ensure a clean and safe worksite.

Phase three – The exterior consultant who first met with the client and sold the project will do a walk-around of the final project to review for customer satisfaction.


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