Understanding Different Types of Roof Repairs for a Well-Maintained Roof

Different types of repairs like everything we use daily, your roof will need repairs occasionally. Repairs are nice because they are significantly cheaper than roof replacements and take a fraction of the time. Nevertheless, not all roof repairs are the same, just as not all roofing issues are the same. There are different types of roofing repairs for different issues. Even though the average homeowner doesn’t really need in-depth knowledge of all roofing repairs, it is helpful to know about them.

Below is a list of some different roofing repairs.

 Patching leaks: This is a common type of repair that involves identifying the location of a leak and patching it up with roofing cement or other sealant material. Leaks in your roof are a sign of immediate deterioration and need to be dealt with immediately to avoid water damage to your home and foundation. Whether large or small, leaks need to be dealt with immediately before they escalate and cause further damage.

Shingle replacement: Shingle and tile roofs can experience wear and tear over time from hurricanes, sun exposure, or other factors like pests. This can lead to shingles and tiles lifting, curling, breaking, or shrinking. Even if just a small section of your roof needs repairs, the rest of your roof could become compromised if moisture gets in, so be sure to have your roof repaired as soon as you see signs of damage. If a shingle or a few shingles are damaged, they may need to be replaced. This is typically done by removing the damaged shingle(s) and replacing them with updated ones.

Flashing repair: Flashing is a material used to seal the joints between the roof and other surfaces, such as chimneys or skylights. If the flashing is damaged or deteriorating, it may need to be repaired or replaced. Roof flashing problems are usually caused by improper installation. Flashing is used around chimneys, walls, pipes, and other flat surfaces to direct water away. When the flashing hasn’t been properly mounted on the roof, water can flow underneath it, rotting your roof.

Periodically checking your flashing can help you solve a problem as soon as it arises. However, you will likely need a professional roofer to repair or reinstall your flashing.

Structural repairs: In some cases, roofing repairs may be necessary to address issues with the underlying structure of the roof, such as sagging or damaged rafters or trusses. One type of roofing structure that may need repair is the fascia. The fascia is a long wooden board that protects the roof’s lower edges. It is typically found behind the gutters and supports the roof as the first layer of protection against the elements. This makes it susceptible to water damage, animal infestation, mold growth, cracks, and holes.

Being aware of these types of repairs and the issues that cause them helps you keep your roof in tip-top shape. However, these issues are bound to happen. When they do, call your friends at Sterling Construction to repair the problem.