Signs You Need a Roof Repair

Whether it is because a big storm rolled through the night before or everyday maintenance, roofing repairs are a common occurrence. Replacing your roof may only sometimes be the best option when your roof has a problem. While it is possible to repair it yourself, let your roofing specialist do it so as not to cause any more damage.

Even though some damages are easily recognizable, others can be hidden beneath the surface. As a proper homeowner, you should know and understand the signs that your roof may need to be repaired. Here are five signs you need a roof repair.

  • This one may be the most obvious, but missing or loose shingles. Oftentimes, if your shingles are loose or missing it is a quick fix. There are many reasons why they may come loose, including weather, age, or poor installation. In any case, you should immediately contact your roofing company and ask them to fix it. If you choose to leave it, you could be dealing with larger issues down the road.
  • Another fairly obvious sign is if you start to see water leaks. Just because your roof has started to leak, doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a whole new roof. However, to prevent further and/or more permanent damage, call your roofing company right away. Water leaks are dangerous for your house because they can lead to further damage. If not taken care of, your roof and the structure of your home can rot, and mold will grow. This will lead to expensive roof replacement and structural work. Plus, you will have to hire mold remediation services.
  • Another sign is if you notice your roof starting to sag. This happens with there is moisture trapped inside the roof. If left untreated, the water can lead to rot, leaks, wholes, and structural damage.
  • If you are able to see light in your attic, this is a sign that you have holes in your roof. They may be too small to notice from the outside, so be sure to go into your attic once and a while during the day, with the lights off, to check for holes. The holes can be due to pests, water damage, or damage over time. This task should be done as routine maintenance on your home.
  • The last sign that you may need a roof repair is if you start to notice granules in your gutters. If you do, that may be a sign that some of your shingles are beginning to break down. While this may mean that you need an entire roof replacement, it could also mean that a few of your shingles were just faulty. Either way, you should have your trusted roofing company come and take a look.

Roofing repairs are not something to take lightly. If left unattended, they could lead to bigger and more expensive problems. Your roof is there to help protect you and your family. To make sure it continues to do its job, make sure to do a routine maintenance check. If you notice some of the signs above, be sure to call your trusted roofing company, Sterling Construction, to come out and take a look.