Protect Your Home: Understanding Severe Weather Damage to Your Roof

How severe weather can impact your roof 🏠

It’s no secret that certain types of weather can wear down a roof. Strong windstorms or hail can take a toll on the integrity of your roof. Immense amounts of rain can cause leaks, and certain snowstorms can create stubborn ice dams. As a homeowner, you have to be cautious about certain types of weather because they can do extensive damage to your home.

Of course, there will always be the most obvious damage after certain weather storms. However, what makes weather so tricky is that it can leave behind hidden damage that only a professional can see. While you should always call a professional to confirm specific damage, it is foolish to call a professional to your home after every storm. That is why it is so crucial to know the type of damage caused by different storms.

Different types of weather damage ⛈️

Rain: While most rain does minimal damage, severe rain is another story. After heavy rainfall, it’s especially critical to check your roof for leaks. Water can wear away your roof over time, making it vulnerable to water damage. Even the smallest crack can allow water to pass through, and even little damage can have far-reaching consequences.

Snow: Snow, especially wet snow, can become heavy over time. If the structure of your home is weak, you could be faced with severe structural damage. The extra weight that snow adds to your roof can also cause your gutters to collapse. Always have snow removed from your roof at the first opportunity.

Wind: Strong winds can move panels and lift up shingles. Even if you can’t find shingles on the ground after a storm, have your roof inspected. The slightest movements can leave your structure exposed to the elements. As well as falling branches, a tree close to your dwelling that touches the roof during strong winds can cause abrasion.

Hail: Hail is a well-known cause of damage. Hail can cause cracks in your shingles or even holes in your roof if it is severe enough. It can damage anything from cars and windows to roofs and buildings.

All the weather is different. So even if you don’t think that there was any damage caused after a big storm, it is always a wise idea to have a specialist come take a look. Call Sterling Contracting and Roofing today to schedule an appointment.

What to do before a severe weather storm

While you can’t stop a big storm from happening, you can prepare for it. In the end, when nature wants to do damage, she will, but there are a couple of things that you can do to lessen the damage.

Clean gutters: Make sure that your gutters are clear of any debris. The water can then drain properly. You don’t want water to get backed up and cause ice dams or leaks in your home.

Make sure to check your attic: The second thing you should do is check your attic for potential leaks. You can do this by turning off all the lights and seeing if you can see any light peeking through.

What to do after a severe weather storm:

After a severe storm, you always want to assess your home for any damages.

Clean gutters: Checking your gutters again after the storm will let you know if your shingles were damaged. If you see any granules in the gutters, you will want to call your roofing company. You will also want to clean out any debris that the storm might have washed in there.

Check your attic: You will want to check your attic again for any water damage. Even if you didn’t see any light shining through when you first inspected, leaks are still possible.

Call your roofing company: The last and most important thing that you should do is call your roofing specialist. They will be able to access the damage and make any necessary repairs.

So, why does this matter?

In the end, the weather will do what it wants. There is no stopping it. But you can prepare for what it has in store. Understanding what damage it can cause and being prepared could save you a lot of money. If you find yourself wondering about any damage after enduring a large storm, be sure to call your friends at Sterling Contracting and Roofing. We would be happy to come take a look.