Maximizing the Longevity of Your Roof: Proven Tips and Tricks

How to help your roof last a long time

Let’s be realistic. No one enjoys spending a large amount of money on something that they cannot actively enjoy. You would prefer to spend that money on something like a vacation or a new car. That is why, when it comes to your roof, you must take care of it and give it the maintenance it needs.

Why does roofing maintenance matter?

A properly maintained roof will not only last longer, but it will also save you money in the long run. The less money you have to spend on roof replacement or repairs, the more money you will have for things you can enjoy. In addition to saving you money, maintenance helps to maintain the curb appeal of your home. No one wants to come home to a house with missing shingles and a sagging roof. It is dangerous and unattractive.

Not all roofs are the same.

As a homeowner, knowing what maintenance your home needs can be overwhelming. Something you need to remember is that most roofing requirements are different. There are certain factors to consider.

  • The type of roof: Different types of material require different maintenance methods. Metal roofs are the easiest to maintain due to their smooth surface. Debris and water just slide off. Asphalt is the most difficult because of its rough texture. Debris gets caught in the granules and can create a mess.
  • Climate: Where you live plays a huge part in how you take care of your roof. If you live in an area with a lot of trees, you will need to clean out your gutters more often. If you are located in a humid area, you will need to make sure that the constant humidity is not creating mold in the crevasses of your room.
  • How old is your roof: The last major factor to consider is how outdated your roof is. The older the roof, the more maintenance it will require.

These major factors will help you understand the more in-depth maintenance requirements your roof may need, but there are a few standard ones that will set you on the right path.

These are typical things that will help it last:

  • Cleaning your gutters: This one is a must, especially for homes in heavily wooded areas. Clogged gutters can cause water to overflow during rainstorms. If this water sits for too long, it can start to erode your shingles, causing leaks and major water damage.
  • Making repairs: Simple repairs will help to maintain the overall health of your roof. Minor repairs here and there are not uncommon. Think of them like the common cold. You get a cold once in a while, but then your immune system recovers and is stronger than ever!
  • Routine maintenance checks: As a homeowner, you can only do so much. Not everyone has the roofing knowledge to do a thorough roof inspection. That is why, at least once every few years, you should call your trusted roofing contractor, like us here at Sterling Construction. We are glad to be able to do a detailed inspection and uncover any problems you may have missed.

While your roofing contractor is doing the inspection, there are a couple of questions you should ask them. These will also help you with proper roof maintenance.

What to ask your roofing specialist when they do maintenance:

  • Timeline: One of the first questions you should ask is when you should think about having your roof replaced. Not every homeowner can remember the specifics of when they last had their roof replaced, especially if they just moved into the home. Your roofing specialist will know what information to give you.
  • New Technology: Another question that you should ask your roofing specialist is what new technology has been created that might be beneficial to your home. If there has been a newly developed type of shingle that is made specifically for humid conditions and your home is in a humid climate, that might be beneficial to you. There may not be anything groundbreaking, but it is a good question to ask nonetheless.

At the end of the day,

Home maintenance is one of the many enjoyable things you get to deal with as a homeowner. Whether this is your first home or one of many, knowing how to properly maintain your roof is imperative. That is why, at Sterling Construction, our goal is to educate all of our customers. So call us today and schedule your roofing inspection