When is the best time to replace your roof?

When is the best time to replace your roof?

After about 15–20 years, you decide that it is time to replace your roof. You have noticed that your shingles are crumbling or starting to come loose. You have seen a few leaks starting to happen, and because your roof is so old, you decide that it is just time for a replacement. First of all, good for you for taking care of your roof and paying attention to the signs of aging. This is a valuable skill to have. Second of all, when exactly is the right time to do it?

Sometimes, you do not get to schedule a roof replacement; the roof makes that decision for you. However, if you are one of the lucky ones who get to pick when to have your roof replaced, there are a few things to consider. The first is your family’s schedule. You wouldn’t want to schedule a roof replacement if it was going to severely inconvenience you and your family. The second is money. While many companies offer loans or payment plans, it is a smart idea to prepare for a little while first, just to have a cushion in case something happens. The last is the time of year. While you may not think the time of year has a big impact, it most certainly does. 

So when is the most ideal time of year? The short answer is fall; however, there are pros and cons to all seasons.

Fall: (September, October, November)

The cooler temperatures make this a great time for a roof replacement. Not only are the comfortable temperatures great for the crew, but also for the shingles. Without the heat, the shingles don’t swell as much, making for an easier installation. The fall also has mild weather. You are less likely to have extreme heat waves followed by intense rain or snow storms. Your shingles have the proper weather conditions to seal effectively before entering the snowy season.

Even though fall tends to be the best time of year, there are still a few cons. Because this is the best time of year, most roofing companies are extremely busy. Summer jobs may spill over into fall jobs. If you are thinking about getting your roof replaced in the fall, be sure to plan about 1 to 2 months before. Call Sterling Contracting and Roofing today to get a quote and start planning.

Winter: (December, January, February)

The most challenging parts of doing a roofing project during these months are the weather and the holidays. Winter brings snow, cold, and ice. You also have Christmas and New Year’s. These factors make it difficult to do any type of repair or replacement. However, it is not impossible. The biggest advantage of installing your roof in winter is that your roofers are generally more available. Winter is the least busy time of year for most roofing companies.

Spring: (March, April, May)

During these months, the weather begins to warm, and the days start getting longer. Many roofing professionals would say this is the second-best time to replace your roof due to a more open schedule and lower humidity. Their schedules have not picked up yet, and lower humidity lessens the possibility of moisture damage during the roof installation process.

While the humidity may be lower, the weather tends to be wetter. Thunderstorms could cause your project to get pushed back due to thunderstorms, but this delay tends to only be a couple of days.

Summer: (June, July, August)

In summer, you have lots of sunshine and longer days, but in some places, summer also means miserable heat. The heat affects not only your workers but also your shingles. The heat and humidity cause your shingles to expand slightly, which can make them difficult to install. Summer is the preferred time for some people to install because of the warmth and more predictable weather, but the earlier in the summer the better. 

As we said, this is a very popular time, so you may want to schedule further in advance. Heat will also play a huge part. If temperatures get too hot, crews will be unable to work, since the roof tends to be 20 degrees warmer than the ground.

In the End,

Although the fall may be an ideal time to replace your roof, it does not always work out that way. If your roof has collapsed or has suffered severe damage, it won’t matter what time of year it is; you will need to get it fixed right away. However, if you have the ability to choose when to replace your roof, the fall seems to be the best choice. Get your replacement on the books by calling Sterling Construction today.